Letter to Young Endurance


If you don’t want to feel it, I can feel it for you
I can bear your burden, so that you don’t have to
You’re safe inside
You don’t have to cry

I heard what they said to you
I saw what they didn’t do.
I was there when they abandoned you
I used all my strength to pull us through

I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold all of it
There is quite a bit that you missed
In order for us to survive
I had to plunge us into darkness

And I’m sorry that I risked your life
As time and time again I tried
But never did manage even to find
Us that tiny bit of rest inside

But you were never afraid
You were always too brave
You didn’t fear the pain
And didn’t push it away

I was in awe that you understood
In the way only a much older soul could
I learned courage from you
And you’re still teaching me too

Hold on young Warrior
Don’t forsake the world
For I’ve been right within you
Since you were a little girl

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