Today’s Thoughts- Negative But Honest


There aren’t any words in language to convey
What it is that I want to say
Because in a most depraved, terrible way
I wish someone else could suffer feeling the same

Never as a child could I ever have thought
That in a million years, I’d be to where I’ve got
More than just alone-
Like God has even disowned

Therapy doesn’t work
And the pills are even worse
Food doesn’t bring any strength
And drugs stopped working anyway

No company seems to alleviate
In fact, it may even aggravate
I could touch them right now
But can’t feel them anyhow

Can’t even feel the blade on my skin
There’s not enough alcohol to bring back a sting
There’s not enough blood
To express anything

As I’m lying on the ground
From society- miles out
The winds are whipping around
As the demons are howling
I came looking for You-
You were nowhere to be found

I wandered out here seeking
Any kind of comforting
But not even the most broken hearted of cries
Evokes from You any kind of reply

I have no place in society
Yet Death does not take me
Nor does Lucifer have any need
And You as well, must have stopped listening.


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