Head Count

wrath for agony

One year ago I sat down
And wrote to you about how
I would try harder and bring myself out
And I’m sitting here again now
Just checking in for the head count

I said I’d grow stronger and overcome
I’m grieved to report that none of it is done
I recognized my fate and started to run
Right into the darkness as I readied my weapon

And I’ve been here since then
strategizing my next plan
And following through with each of them
But I’ve failed again. again. Again…

This enemy is much stronger and more cunning than I could ever have anticipated
Every trap and weapon of fearsome resolve has been evaded
And cast right back into my own flesh
As I sit with these scars to weep and reflect-
I swear that my rage shall endure to the last breath

With every scourge that’s been cast
For every thorn in my back
The enemy only feeds my strength
As I grow increasingly enraged

It will all be repaid in the very end
And I will remain below to ensure the enemy’s descent.

I swear I still fight
Just give me some more time.


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