My Computer.


Something with my computer just isn’t quite right
It doesn’t work the way it used to-
Maybe it was just dropped one too many times.

If I try to go in to adjust “options”
It brings me to the Recycle Bin
And If I try to run a search engine
I wait but it just never happens!

If I try to change the “User Settings”
It always makes the most horrible sound
And If- God forbid- I try to send a message
It just shuts the whole hard drive down!

I’ve brought it into quite a few shops
Where they unfastened the screws and looked through the box
“Just reboot and give it another try-
Cuz I checked inside and everything’s fine!”
They all say, every single time…

I’m sitting here exasperated, with my face on the keyboard
And a hundred things I HAVE TO do, that cannot be ignored!
But every program that I opened
Crashed the drive or is simply frozen

I cannot express how frustrated I am with how it acts
I always lose my patience and want to take to it a baseball bat
Even more so, Id like to take it back to exchange for a new one
For this one is clearly defective- It hardly even runs!

But I just can’t seem to find its warranty…
Or any money- back guarantee
And one last tiny inconvenience I neglected to define:
I’m stuck with this computer- Cuz this computer is my mind!


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