This is Life

Here I am, on the cusp of the a decade’s eve
Yet it took me this long  to finally see
That This is Life-
It doesn’t play all that well or nice
Nor take any bargains
Or work out with sound advice

Life never gives you an easy task
And once one is finished, it never quite lasts
Every hope is a farce
and expectations far worse

It would even seem this life is orchestrated
By a type of cosmic, malevolent spectator
Accessing the recesses of your mind
That you desperately tried in vain to hide
And goes on in irony to bring out
Every nightmare you tried to hard
Not to think about

This is Life-
A hell designed specifically for you
Of which You’re then locked inside
hedged in on every side
And ever opposed by a force most divine
As retribution for the  unknown crimes

If I were to speak to myself at the young and naive,  yet bright age of twelve
I couldn’t tell you the truth, for risk of breaking you

That This turned out to be  Life-
But you have to at least try
So I’ll simply redirect to tell you a more comforting lie:
Many years from now, you’ll turn out just fine.

I’ll lovingly neglect the fact that everything they said was right-
That there wasn’t any point in putting up such a fight
Getting older fucking sucked in every single way
I figured out that they were lying when they’d try to take back the things theyd say

This is Life
So fucking wonderful that I even tattooed
A big old happy heart on my chest, just to suit my mood
And in the most poetical sense that I can most candidly state:
That if This is Life and nothing ever changed in time
I really ought to set down my resolve
And just finish it up tonight.


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