Slippery Hearts

Feelings are so confusing
I’ll never get them down
The slippery trickery
That just crazily leads us around

You think you care about someone                                                                                                 And that they care about you too
Then they fuck you over
And everything falls right through

Then the ones who actually did care
By the time it’s figured out- they’re no longer there
Why are there so few humans who really give a shit-
I mean when they’re not getting something out for themselves in it?

Maybe the problem is to care’s to care too much
and I therefore end up saying that “I don’t give a fuck”
Cuz humans can’t reciprocate
Past the point when their appetite is sated

Can we not see past our base-most beast instincts
And identify them for what they are- in this dire age?
Can we not override our futile desires
In order to ignite the truest of Love’s fires?!


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