“We Don’t Do Drugs.”


I guess I’m just a drug
That’s being passed around
And people say they like it
Up until the let down

Everyone knows it’s no good for you
“But it’s all that’s here  now- I’ll have to make due”
Pass the time waiting for something right to come along
Something real, something stable- that doesn’t feel so wrong

I pack my highs and my lows
With a punch- got plenty of those
And it was fun for the time that it lasted
Like any interesting enough trip on acid

Was it enjoyable and amusing?
Do you now savor it amidst your musings?

I’m just a hard hit
Not the type to be a wife and settle down with kids
And now someone else thinks they wanna try it
But after the high it’s a crash of disappointment

Too difficult to handle
Draining the hope right out of your soul
No, no one can stay on me very long
Cuz like any drug- it won’t always be as strong.


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