“I’m Fine”


Again give me some time
To reframe my state of mind,
Hang it up on the wall,
And say that I’m just “fine”

As far as any gaping truths go
Please try not to mind
Ill pick it up from here,
suck it up and get a life

I’m a well adjusted adult
Adaptable and refined!
Now I only need to reconcile
My reality with sound advice

And the twitching in my eye?
It’s just a little tick
From one too many times
Of putting up with this

Oh my arm is dangling off you’re saying?
And you’re disconcerted by the blood that’s spraying?
Sorry I’ll try to bleed a bit more discreetly
Cuz apparently people can’t handle the transparency

Its not my fault you grew up under a rock
And were able to attain the fundamentals of want
Or that you’re thinking your feelings are so complex
You’re as deep as a ditch alright… Is what I’d say- at best…

Oh dear… Did I just slip up and speak my mind?
What I meant to say was to convey to you that “I’m fine!”


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