You’re Enjoying This Aren’t You?


So You finally have me all figured out
And at last You have me fully beaten down
You looked inside my soul
And took Your time to take control

You separated out each portion of me
Making sure it was done the most painfully
You severed every sinew
And laid them out before You

You’re my perfect tormentor
As if I weren’t already tortured.
Are You trying to making me hate You?
Well Maybe I already do…

Maybe I do resent You for portraying Yourself to me
As the omnipotent, inescapable, malevolent cosmic Being
Do You enjoy harassing the poor?
Do You get something out of taking away even more?

How could You call man made in Your image
When You assign so much agony cuz You think it’ll make a difference?
For even the good among us is far easier to trust
Than the death sentences You make, to try to “refine” people in some way-
Well You overshot the limit for what this body can take!

For You dragged my soul out of the void
And crafted me as mortal so that I could be destroyed
Your hand is far heavier than you obviously perceive
Maybe it’s an accident when You crush a human being

Human- You only made me so
And my suspicions have since then grown
That You don’t really mind or even give a shit about me
Well fine- 200% wasn’t enough effort- I’ll just do my own damn thing!

Crush me if You please
For You already started the process long ago
You’re just finishing me off far too slowly
that with my strength I can say one thing only:

“FUCK YOUR ‘PLANS’ ” !!!            Find someone else now…               For if You ever seek me again,           I shall not be found.

will You now strike me down
From up above, hiding in the clouds?
Will You even give me a fair fight
To listen to me and consider changing Your mind?

It’s like You target me in order to disable me
What’d I do to You to merit such anger so prematurely?
What wickedness did I commit before this
That You’d dismiss my life to be so unfortunate?

I KNOW I have no rights to say these things
But in my situation I don’t know what IS right- cuz You won’t explain
You’re enjoying this aren’t You???
But You don’t even answer and I haven’t figured out how to force You to.


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