Death Colored Possession

A torment beyond the measure of my speech

So vexing, tongue bound

I cannot say anything

Day and night without cease, my soul weeps

Yet I shove it back underneath

For it is not fitting that one should do nothing

Though I care for as much clearly…

I try to guide my thoughts’ eyes

Yet it relentlessly tears and at my miseries, pries

To ensure that it destroys the very last of me

Burning my throat

Crushing my chest

Cutting off cleansing air

So my mind may find no rest

Insane insane insane with pain…

A torment beyond such idle fantasies

As a favor through the skull

Beyond a silver wrist set at ease

Or a hundred pills sedating lull

Every minute of the hour

Of the days blurred into years

It’s pain is fresh as the first time it demanded it’s share of tears

The light at time’s end grew more and more dim-

And now it’s simply gone out.

Tonight I relent, yet once again

And am engulfed by my confirmed doubts

And it feels so horrific

Yet so very appropriate

To let myself sink underneath all I feign to ignore

This is all that I’m looking for anymore:

This black nightmare

This grey oppression

The ever flowng circle

Of a death colored possession

And such is my mind and all that runs across

Limitless thoughts of desperation

And the haunting things forever lost


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