The Rabbit Hole


You haven’t unraveled my chaotic mind
No matter how hard you try
Nor how I desire to unwind
As you think you understand what it is to lament and be in torment’s time

You think its a connection
But I’m so far away from this moment

My touch is a lie- THIS is a lie!

My blackened heart is so evil next to your soul
And now even further away than It ever was before
The agony tirelessly gnawing away at everything inside me
That perhaps you thought was worth something

I don’t know if I’m glad or not that you cant see
How dark, evil, and rotten has become all thats within me
I want to care
But I’m crippled and I’m angry
I don’t believe I’ll ever recover or
Come back from this
Unless we want to call tolerance “improvement”

There’s no pleasure here
Oh but I want there to
This is simply…
The next right thing I have to do
You think this is so deep and so real
And that my transparency has revealed my twisted sickness…
But darling, the rabbit holes goes so much deeper than this.


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