Thanks For Making Me Feel Welcome

Yes I’m aware that you disapprove of everything that I do

All of the things that are the most true to me
are the most inferior to you

Fuck you

You think you understand
Because you cried that one time- your head between your hands

You think you know the pain

You think you’ve felt the weight

But I don’t believe for a second
That you’re acquainted with the things I relay

I need not defend myself

what else can I say?

For I am the dark, evil one

No hope for my being saved

You’re so good with that bible in your hands
you must be one of God’s most favorite ones amidst all the lands

Fuck you

Fuck you

Fuck you

For alienating me once again

For every fucking thing I did that wasn’t quoting scripture
Like you had planned

This darkness in my soul

Is foreign and unknown to you

And I can’t tell who’s more wrong, or where Christ’s blood reconciles of the two

And I can’t tell whether I should be condemning myself,

or standing up against you.


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