Still Small Voice


I’ll never give up on you
Even if you want to
Even if you end up not healing from your wounds
And long after your battered visod starts to wear through
I won’t give up on you
Even if you want me to                                                                                                                                                              Push away all that you shall
Its simply not something that I can do
For they say that love covers over a multitude of wounds

I cannot give up on you
Because from the start I called and knit you together in the womb
I saw you, I knew you
Before you knew me
And I wish I could comfort you and help you to see
That I haven’t given up on you like you think that I have
If you could just believe
That I’m with you, exactly where you are at
I will not give up on you
I will not forsake
But oftentimes, my child,
You just have to wait.
And this wait is often much longer than you can bear,
But I have and I swear
That of your tears, I’m aware


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