Black Sheets


This night I find that no words at all may convey This final depth of suffering                                         Of Agony’s blackest haunting place

And I have lain in many a low place in the times before                              Yet had paused lest to descend so deeply enshadowed as this

Death is beckoning, tempting, depriving me his final kiss

Looking to be as such bliss

Give me this- set me free, my torments dismissed

Yet every time you have come around                                                 As I’ve felt your weight begin to press down                                         I’m known to back out                                                               Begging for the air to torture my burning lungs again                               Turning from the little light at tunnel’s end

For fear of the pain

End of the game

And ultimately

Of a judgement afraid

But as it sinks deeper and asserts it’s permanence within                           As the blade that’s become lodged between my ribs

Another inch…. Another inch…

As I wait for that single punctures pinch

But am only ever left to marvel how heart still persists!


How do you carry on still                                                           How can you continue, when I have lost all will?           
You leave me no options, no choice

As you continue to scream, long after I have lost my own voice

Heart: Please let me know how to descend                                                                                      Death: At long last, let me go- bring me my end

To take no more

No longer make me endure

I’ve laid out my black sheets and on them I lie here waiting                                                                                                            Not to see another morning

But on this night

Come and take me.


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