Many Years Along


Of all the mistakes that I’ve made since then
If I could speak to you again
In your former most innocenct of ways
These are the words I would say

My child, please remember
In the darkest part of your Decembers
The flickering light set inside
And don’t just let it die this time

Bring yourself back to the old rusty gate
In the midst of those abysmal moments
Of which I just couldn’t take away

And in that depraved waiting place
Bring into your mind
That one elusive, far away place
Where the sunlight ever embraced
In that eternal, unearthly way

Be mindful to run with the wind
And make your best to balance WHEN
You reach your jagged path’s most end

When life is pulling back too strong
For you to keep fighting on
Stop gripping that rope-
Simply open your hands
And let it go
Watch it fall
Opposition and beginnings
Starting to flow again, after it all

But do keep holding on

To those silent seconds of ascension
Please, in your confusion-
Try to keep in your direction

Please let yourself rest for once this time
Knowing it will be done,
When it’s time is right

And when it’s pitch black
And you can no longer withstand
The inner attacks
Just remember
The sun and the moon will return to shine down upon your December

I won’t lie and say that it gets Better with time or age
But keep your perspective in line, always
And never, never, ever stop trying new things

On the straight and narrow,
Keep walking on
And don’t turn aside for too long

For an eternal Treasure-
One you’ll always keep
Never did come to anyone


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