December 11th Thoughts

Animal instinct pounding from behind ribs
Clawing and seeking escape from it’s prison
Clear, lucid thought grows an ever distant memory
As the blurry, tunneled vision sets and locks out the sensory
Steel tight chest
As the grip about my neck
The world in my mind’s eye blurring, spinning out of time
Visual registering the seconds behind
Wretching, kneeling to the ground
Haunting shadow then surrounds

The Serpent again at my side             Come solely to watch                               And taunt with its bite
But paralyzed still
No longer a matter of will
Can you tell me my name?
I’ve lost my place- forgotten everything
None shall ever find me here again
Surely my mind has come unhinged       As the consuming confusion       Continues working its poison

The whispering hiss returning at my ear…
Evoking every agony of the soul,  save having exhausted fear
“See what is done, see what you’ve become…
‘Fallen from grace’
A gross understatement
Walk, fall, or crawl
Every inch, has only been                 Another crack within your skull
Your crimson offering has at last expired
In this foreign, forsaken, damning mire,”
From the same familiar, malevolent face
Ever faithful to give me its chase


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