Desire- December 12’s Thoughts


They’re standing side to side in line
Up against a wall
If you could only set your mind,
You could have it all!

Any time, any place
That a soul should possibly crave
And they’re looking at you
Just waiting.
What are you wanting to do?

But you’re standing, silent and still-
Lost and paralyzed in fantasizing
Of a persuit that would fulfill
The vacant, aching space
Disguised behind your dilated pupils, blank

Wanting nothing.

Seeking nothing.

I beg thee- reason with me!
You must desire some thing!
I’m offering every pleasurable enticement life can bring!

But you remain wordless, standing there.

A girl who only talks to a figment of the air-
You really think a one who could hear your empty prayers
Would even care?

I perceive that you’re breaking
I see your Contemplating
Frozen at the crossroads
Self destruction or chasing an illusion of meaning

The people delude that desire can be met
And seem quite content to seek just that
Step after step…
So come now,
Follow and place your next bet!

Take what’s right in front of you now-
Play along as an acceptably good girl
Forget all you’ve known or seen somehow
And take your place
In this fake world


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