December 18th free write

Carrying through with the motions day after day
For sake of the evaporating
Image of success made
Delaying a resting place
Keeping a steady, even pace
But at its end, the disconcerting voice of imminence
still persists
Chiming, reminding of its
Ever increasing precedence
Dominating all that’s mundane
Silencing the beckoning charades
How can they not hear it?
How can they repeat, grow weary
And speak of being content
Surely even Sisyphus yearned for release of spirit
Different people, the same intent
Or vary the scene, with equal consequence
No one
No thing
Satisfies spirit
In its tireless desire to ascend
So escape away to the place where one can be found while hiding
Revealing the true soul for this one moment in time
A lifetime of one’s spirit trapped inside
Tracing electric from skull down the spine
There is no connection
Cease searching for it
For there will never be
Anything but this
Eternal acknowledgement…


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