December 20th- Away

I met you on a Valentine’s day
Wanderers converging while going their ways
And we meet frequently
In various ways
In random, secluded places
Sometimes even as strangers

For we both desire solely to be away

Buy you said you’d meet me
Underneath the old oak tree
On December the 19th’s evening

And today I waited, lying in its shade
I saw the eagles proudly surveying
the coyotes seeking out their prey
I watched the quail lead her young safely across my way
And listened to the hummingbirds familiar chirping for its mate

I dug at the base of that dead tower’s roots
Where we once used to leave each other sweet, silly notes
Leaping, dancing upon the heights
We’d get away from this city
Even if just for a day’s time

And we were away

Racing across the valley
And through its shadows inside
Running swift and high
And tasting a spring day
Alive in its vivid light

But you- you never came

I know you live to be away
You know that I’m the same
And we’re content to get lost
And so, we stay

We know that all we’ll ever have
Are these successive moments
These memories frozen beneath
The ensuing discontent

And laughing at myself then,
I got up and left
Because I would know best
That there’s no making plans
We wander out
and we wander back in
And we’ll wander upon
each other again.


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