December 28


You’ve been putting out the fires for quite some time now
You can’t even see that it was all destined to burn anyhow
I can’t pretend to fucking care
I’ve even been setting them myself everywhere
But because of your fear
Because you’ve lived so clean and clear-
Time and again, You’ve  extinguished my flames
But this isn’t the ending-
I’ll simply find another way
To burn as hot and fierce as I need
To build or destroy anything
Fire never burned inside the lines
And is that not one of the only rules of life?
Is this is a battle or a death wish?
I couldn’t care less to distinguish the difference.
And for once I’m not the one who’s over thinking this
Hiding and trying to live within fucking fences
built out of judgement
You’re trying to keep this Leash on me
But you’ll never be able to hold it
In striving to remind me
what I was supposed to be
It’s all in vain
I’m not even listening
Past “Everyone else is…fill-in-the- blank!”
The dream is dead! Get over it!
That’s not for everyone
It never could
never would
Never will be
Anything but this unrestrained, unreconcilable burning!
So familiarize yourself with the flames
Make your peace and use the pain
Moving in rhythm with the ashes
Burn up the offering and incinerate the past!


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