Because This Is the Only Place I Let Myself Rant

      Again, here we stand, still wearing masks, which- unbeknownst to ourselves- are painted with entitlement, the need for affirmation, self justification, and a markedly overinflated sense of self identity and individuality…

            Most individuals, when asked to describe themselves or their most valuable trait, answer along the lines of being different, unique, a free thinker, deep, or inordinately complex. I’m all for that, and am by no means condemning  or challenging subjective self- descriptions, but the only part of these statements (or often, more like declarations) that has long bothered me is the irony of it in the first place. The majority of people say that they’re different. Most say they’re complex. Despite that people are so down on doing what everyone else is (as if it all has a negative connotation), they say the same things.  However, something about that verbal claim to individuality continually bothers me, either in its silent implication of the plain, obedient inferiority of “societal beings,” or its unnecessary nature.

           Every one of us constantly views the full scope of every facet of our thoughts, emotions, desires, and reactions. We’re best acquainted with the beautiful canvas that is our own mind, as we are the only ones who will ever see the face of its entirety. Everyone else in our lives only sees little shadowed, window views or glimpses into this kaleidoscope- facilitated by the relationship we have with each of them.  Limited by language and never achieving a full view of others- of course we subconsciously think our painting is superior to the next. I’m not coming down on self love… But I’ve seen the principle of being unique slowly degrade to the point of selling ourselves short of being able to acknowledge and face the hardest truths within ourselves and our faulty mechanisms of dealing with others (and ourselves). We may think we shouldn’t have to deal with this, put up with that, Or they wronged us and we shouldn’t have to forgive. Because
“I deserve the best at all times.”

            I believe most individuals to be unique- and nearly all to contain “more than meets the eye.” Some are simply increasingly vocal about it, or more capable of conveying the thoughts and emotions we likely all feel.
Everyone is different in degrees. Everyone brings something slightly different to the table of the human experience.

But if you want to be an individual- stop trying to convince everyone how different you are.

           I’m not even taking about this hipster stuff I’m always hearing about… This anti societal “awakening” has become just as foolish as the former, for society didn’t matter.  Who gave it more power than it ever had- but the individuals who intentionally, thoughtfully place their actions and opinions precisely contrary to it- solely for the sake of it. And here, one would come full circle and still ended up fitting into an initially dreaded cliche.

         Society is not- nor ever will be representative of any truly definable body of people, and is only marring and creating preconceived notions about the people you come into contact with In “society”. Walk your path, steady yourself, set a higher focus, and stop looking at society.
For who ever made it matter?


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