January 12th Free Write

Would you think me crazy
Would you think less of me?
Who can I fairly tell
But a stranger, in vague detail?
What’s the best way to say
That I’m afraid-
Have I actually gone crazy?
Or am I just the only one who sees the world this way?
It’s happening with increasing frequency
They’re pressing in with increasing force
to show themselves through the mortal door
Trying to frighten me
Now It’s an everyday thing
Do you see?
Are you even listening?
The doctors would drug me away faster than my head is already spinning
I can’t sleep
It won’t leave me be
What do you want with ME?
I must be doing something terribly wrong or right
To attract so much unwanted company tonight!


I’m so accustomed to You calling my name through the noise
That I can still hear Your still small voice
Echoing in this dark, lost, unfamiliar void
Embracing patiently, waiting for me to come back again
You’re in every sound masked by the wind
Every faint, gentle whispering held inside
Reverberating through the corners of my mind
And for how quickly I am dying
On You I will set my eyes
From the very first to the last time
You are my heart’s one desire.


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