Free Write- The Space In-between

I keep on landing in this space in- between
The “good” and the “dark” human beings
We can’t relate and I can’t seem to compensate
For the chasm separating the past from the present me
Seemingly ever in-between
Completed light or darkness- not embodying
As if yin and yang were tameable things
Which one is controlling me
in this moment
Trying to live within yet outside of my icy skin
And most are so quick to cast  judgement and accusation
When all I did to them was listen
You think light to be critical and darkness to be damned
But now I find myself wondering
What did you ever know about it?
I can love or destroy
Or become lost and disoriented
Hot or cold
A most passionate or apathetic soul-
Take all or take none at all.
Maybe I AM doomed
for being unable to exclude that part of myself
But I won’t pretend for you,
Nor for anyone else.


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