February 7th Thoughts


I can’t go away to lie in sleep
For I long to remain in this moment of clarity
Elevated and aligned
As if awakened for the first time
in this chapter of my life
Eyes opened wide
Perceiving the beauty in the things which once terrified
And all of these empty spaces inside
I’ve evaded for the sake of near- sighted impatience
The songs and signs make so much more sense
In this resolve of an unquantifiable precedence
This limitless moment of euphoric freedom in-between
This first and the next
Breath that I’ll breathe
I can’t stay here forever
But forever will stay within me.


2 thoughts on “February 7th Thoughts

  1. I love how you described somebody who is waking up to the infinite possibilities of the universe within him. The individual seems to be undergoing a spiritual awakening of sorts. I think that before this epiphany, the person was merely existing – sleepwalking through life, unaware of its transcendent dimension. Now, he’s on fire, because he was afforded a glimpse of the wondrous bliss to be discovered in cessation of thought – in emptiness. And, the last line is perfect – “I can’t stay here forever/ But forever will stay with me.” He saw into that which is eternal, and it now is a living part of his reality.

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