Free Write- A Grey Kind of Death


I saw this coming in what was dreamt
A long time ago
But didn’t know what it meant
The lights left overhead flickering out
By that consuming greyness beckoning now
Dying down one by one
Mourning the days lost of a brighter sun
Which for a quarter time held such promise
Of things unknown
But now known
At the long last shown
to me- just how empty
Life was from the beginning
“Your hard times are ahead”
Was always the only message
Addressed to me
No energy for positivity
In this moment’s reprieve
Mind over matter-
But it never mattered anyway
To put this back together
It isn’t worth the pain
For a thing I can no longer maintain
Its always been sink or swim
Or just exist elsewhere
Breathing the waters in
Nothing to lose
but what’s been lost to me anyways
Nothing to gain
But the sickness that’s never gone away
Lain dormant in my skin
Underneath my strength- Now worn thin
With the blood of life evaporated again
Predicting a different kind of death.


2 thoughts on “Free Write- A Grey Kind of Death

  1. Life and death are part of an spectrum which doesn’t value human emotions.
    What we best do in this spectrum will fil our miniature world with happiness nd purpose.
    Nicely desribed, I hope that you are good health to make the best use of ‘time’

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