May 9th free write

I just want to scream. My thoughts are racing, each realizing their own frustrations. 

I need to run but I feel caged. 

I need to climb out of this pit to some place high- illuminated and alive. 

I’ve just woken up from a month long haze and I can feel the familiar flames of frustration entangling with a driving hunger for something unfamiliar- a thing seemingly just out of my reach. 

          I hate these fucking chains about my heart, and the half of my mind I perpetually live to fight against. I’m tired of being restricted by flesh- by the weakness and fear that I desire to purge from myself but can neither escape nor indefinitely overpower. 

I want out! 

I can’t bear to simply exist in this battle anymore. 

I’m worn, weary, and resentful of fighting the poison in my mind and body, which wages war against my soul. I seek freedom. So I must continually chase after the glimpse of light that I have seen, and it will never be over- 

until I find the endurance to win.


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