Paul and Judas

What do you do when there’s still so much timeBut you’ve already gone and died inside                                                     All falling away in the years    Wearing and waning with the same saltless tears

Maybe its just finally opening your eyes                                                 Seeing the results of the culmination of the times             The way things rest when let alone  And that there is no changing  What all along was set in stone

Breath’s very purpose misconstrued, skewed, and slurred Maybe there’s no way to say another word                                     For in most places lately         there’s nothing new to even be heard

So hurry this time and make your choice                                               Raise no cry- silence your voice   Pick your path for your very last:

 Suffer with Paul or hang like Judas 

Yet both were hung for a jaded justice anyway                                      The question of “If” has faded away

Its a matter of when

A matter of how 

Are you going to kill the pain now?


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