Your Skull My Bones

How does it feel to sit all alone
In the castle you built with your own bones

For your confused wretched soul

And all the ones you pulled along

Dragging down with an ignorant song

Don’t ask me for anything else now

Cuz you couldn’t manage to see through yourself

Was it all just an act

just to get by, to survive, to pass? 

Did your heart ever even beat with blood, flesh and passion?

How does it feel at the end of the line

To see with your eyes that you wasted your time

Chasing the things you thought felt right

From when you were then young and blind

Though once in innocence of mind

Exoneration run out

You only fight yourself now 

There’s nothing more that you desire

I’m sure

For you’ve used up my sympathy

And for you

There is no more.


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