The Science of Magic


I splashed some water on my face, took a deep breath, and got my shit together.

I guess the human body is a lot like life-  all falling apart at once, or all falling into place at another (or at least my life has always been that way). One faulty cog in a machine…Yet I keep feeling that if my shit were to come together again in any recognizable semblance- that it would all happen very quickly in the reverse of the way that it un-happened. At least I sure hope and pray so.

Sparing a great majority of the personally intriguing details of what the magical energy scan revealed about me; my adrenals and thyroid were all fucked up again, see-sawing between hypo and hyper function as always; which explains why I’ve  been known to either live my life in the darkest, dankest basement of suicidal ideation, or standing on the top of a mountain- no real inbetweens. The scan also picked up on the few viral organisms I had already suspected; of which he confidently assured me that the frequencies would get rid of and balance everything.                               I tried to conceal my skepticism.

“You have a pain in the back of your neck,” he half asked, half stated.

“Yeah, actually I’ve had it- and consequentially a terrible headache- for somewhere around 8 months to a year; The details eventually all just blur together,” I replied.

“Alright, let’s take a look at your energy and emotional states.”

“You really don’t want to see that shit,” I laughed.

“Blocked abdominal energy meridian.”

“Double hernia surgery when I was 7- it’s been proposed that they nicked a Vagal nerve.”

“It says you have some kind of extreme fear of analysis, surgery; vulnerability. I would guess the pain in your neck is caused by the blocked energies from trying to suppress memories of being hurt by people close to you, when you were vulnerable. You’re afraid to be honest with people anymore.”

No shit- it’s only happened in the majority of human relationships I’ve had throughout life, like some kind of sick theme to teach me a lesson I just don’t seem to learn. OK, it sounds like pretty garden- variety emotional issues, but regardless; he was freaking dead-on.

“I know I need to be a more light, optimistic individual. I want to be. I just don’t know how to change my beliefs about the future, especially against what I’ve observed over the past 4 years. I wasn’t always like this.” I looked down.


He handed me the electrodes again, said everything would be fine, and that he was going to correct the frequencies and feed them back; and while he was at it, he was going to get rid of the pain in my neck and head.

“This may hurt a little,”he said,”though I’m sure you’ll find that somehow therapeutic.”

Gee, how did he know.

He pulled out something that looked exactly like a remote control, with metal bars across the back side. He placed it on the back of my neck, and it felt something like a cross between electricity and little pins in my neck; and when he stopped my pain was instantly gone. My neck felt amazing! However, I guess I won’t be buying one for at home, because when I asked him what it was he informed me that it cost about as much as a luxury car.

After about another hour of sitting holding the electrodes, he got a tub of water, placed a frequency in the water, and had me put my feet in it; saying it was to finally detox everything. I  seriously thought he was pulling one over on me because over the next twenty minutes the water slowly turned a into a thick, particulated black- I mean what the fuck, I was carrying all that shit around? I was sure that he had put something in the water beforehand, though he denied any  trickery when I said that I was on to him. Yet when I later asked the acquaintance who had referred me there and told them what had happened, they freaked out and said that it wasn’t normal.

Soooo, I guess highly advanced technology is indiscernible from magic.

All that fancy technology shit aside; does it work? Is there anything to quantum healing? Because I’m always skeptical when it comes to anyone who’s being paid. All I could say immediately afterward is that I felt really weird. 

I decided to schedule another appointment- at that point mostly because I liked talking to him and have close to no life; but by the time I got home I started to notice that my body felt different- I had a strange light, floating feeling in all of my extremities and felt like my arms and legs had lost a ten pound weight from each. My brain even felt a strangely indescribable way I couldn’t identify.  I tried not to get too excited or overthink anything, at least not for the night.




One thought on “The Science of Magic

  1. That is equally intriguing and exciting! I’m glad you’re open to new possibilities but equally skeptical.

    It’s amazing how much magic is in this world – in the form of miracles, oddities, and stuff that may be explained through years of research and practice or tradition but also seem wondrous to the average person. Sometimes looking around for magic is how I keep my shit together.

    I’m hoping to hear more good things ahead from future visits and also happy you connect with him – another great plus!

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