Free write 

I can see it with eyes closed                  Wherein you may be                         On the winds that blow                     In ashes of memory

I’m such a fool                                     to always forgive                           When I still think of you             Even dead things can live

Come paint my heart grey           And take that piece away                    I don’t care and it’s true                Nor feel for anyone but you

Maybe some are to be loved unconditionally                               And others to watch                       and love unequivocally 

Spilling out of my skin                   The marks you etched in               Can you forgive                              what I never let live

I never forget you                      Despite it’s undue                           Not desperate, unrequited                 I can’t get too close to you

We know life isn’t fair                       In the end                                  Drawing in calling in                    Torn inhibitions

All has its price                                   for an unmade mind                              I can’t keep on feeling                    It’s wasting my time

You may forget                                  But I meant what I said           There’s no reason left                Please get out of my head. 
~The Calling Crow ~


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