Comfortably Numb

I contemplate this empty place I’m at,

I try to turn away but it stares right back.

Will it be the sunset,

The voice in the breeze?

It’s the sound of the Thunders-

the waves that rage to pull me Under.

Can you take a little bit away,

So that I can be at ease

From all this turmoil- this chaos

Which dwells inside of me?

Hungry, thirsting, aching

for any heart that’s beating-

Not run out of blood

Just from keeping up-

Is it a useless endeavor?

To war to hold myself together,

So you could finally see me

not trapped in a whisper of 

something of false security

The emotion of chaos’ noose

Insatiable insanity

Which I’ve tried to break loose

Yet it won’t get out

It’s come back here now 

To seduce me away again from

Being so

Comfortably Numb.

It’s shown me for what you are-

A veiled, disillusioned insult to soul.

Lying here held tight against my chest,

You words bore a hole in-

They didn’t even need to be said.

So don’t forget-

I don’t need to believe 

In Foolishness.

It was only blood that sated you-

Taking its root, growing into the proof

That you were never real,

It was a wasted appeal.

A dancing illusion of feeling

You played for my eyes,

While binding and blinding 

To my demise.

I can no longer bear your scorn

The floor is plenty warm enough I know 

I’ll stay sleeping here 

On my own.


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