“Your thoughts are not mine

And I can’t tell what’s on your mind”-

Oh god I hope it’s true!

That I can’t hear you

any longer, the way I used to!

How did I know.

I don’t want to though-

Oh god I hope I’m wrong!

I pray you’re singing an entirely different song!

The one you want to hear yourself-

Just like everybody else.

You didn’t think me credible when I told you-

So here’s a more easily digestible sort of truth.

But did you hear me when

The truth was screaming

So fiercely in my head?

Did it brush the dust from

The useless words I actually said?

That I’m not as twisted as they sound-

Oh I hope you can’t hear me now.

It’s what you don’t want to know,

So don’t listen too close…

Or who’s fooling who:

While we keep looking straight on through-

Searching for our reflection

Or a vision clear

Of all we’ve grown accustomed to here?

I wonder of all, what

Would be enough for you to see

For you to finally believe me?
Oh god I hope I can’t hear you-

How will we ever know the truth…


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