Nothing but Sand


I observed your straying heart

from across a dim room.

Watching your eyes wander

Wherever they felt compelled to.


And you looked in mine

and assured me how this time

You were covered by grace,

While ready to give away

Your quiver of arrows and nobility strong;

But you chose instead

To chase the illusion;

Disintegrating, as the Axe hangs ready

to sever the delusion.


No one escapes the price

Of what you did, my friend;

But you’re lucky and you’re right

Justice isn’t always dealt on this end.

Meanwhile you’ll watch your Life’s Light search for in another

What you’ve assured her doesn’t even matter.


So run away again to the lies of the Great Prostitute,

Who will spend and use whatever’s left of your youth,

While you grasp in vain to the end

The beautiful sands

But in time, I assure you-

They’ll run straight through your hands.


I hope you see,

I hope you find;

Unclench your fists,

So you may uncover your eyes

Just In time to win this trial-

Before the last grain of sand

Falls in the vial.




Gone off like a bullet again

In all of your frustration

But I’ll stay to the end

Before it’s in your head


Again and again

It’s already been

A lifetime, two- or maybe a few

But I’ve gotta have a little patience

To see your story through


Your Silver Soul

Standing in the sun

Here for a day

Gone for a season.


I’m looking at your reflection

Will You always run

Away to the protection

of a solitary mountain?


Can’t hold you down

Won’t hold you down

I don’t need a reason now

Cuz I know- I’ve always known


Your Silver soul

Shining in the sun

Here for a day

Gone for a season.


But I’ll stay

I’ll stay and wait

Even if it’s just for

That one day.


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