October 31st

Knocking at the door again

Bitter reminders

 I try not to let in

But the lights they flicker and they spark

By the charge of my heart

In overflow

Right where no one knows

And when I fall there

And no longer care

Tell me

Do you still hear my tears?

And if I call you there

Will you still answer my prayer

Even amidst this violent overflow

Of all I’ve come to know

That I am?

The words just won’t right

My shaking voice tonight

The lights are out again

Blown the power in my head

Writhing and restless

Aching defenseless

Flesh and bone to ground

As the pressure still mounts

You say create

And I will the pain away

You say initiate

I will any fucking change

In its place

But overflows to rage

Screams don’t resonate the right way

But it’s all that comes when I try to say

What it’s like

I wanna know why

I still even try 

show me why, what is it like?

But I’m so damned to focus 

When my heart only knows this

Everything seems fake

Just a different form of give for take

I don’t wanna stick around

Cuz I’ve been around here

Long enough to see

The same old fucking go around

Think I’d know by now

I’m just a little chess piece

A pawn that longs to jump off the board

Try hard as I may to ignore it

I can’t escape the flames

When I feel they know my name

Is it written in stone

As my fate for what I’ve done?

Please redeem

By pardoning

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

Let it be the ending

For a heart hardly worth defending!


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