What’s the diagnosis?

such a grim prognosis

Does not play well with others

can’t tell if I just need another

Pill to kill the way I Feel 

A high to hide what’s the most real

I can hide it with a smile 

for a little while

But it never goes away

A blade to kiss the wounds and try to make it better

I could lie to you behind these benign words and letters

But no matter what I do- 

To where or to whom,

 I may run away

But it never kills the pain
Nothing satisfies my soul

That’s why I chose 

To be Alone
I’m not trying to be so contrary

I’m just trying to make it home 

I don’t mean to be so difficult

And over analytical

I don’t mean to be so irritable

So sick, so scared; so unreliable

But I think we can agree

On that that aching empty feeling in the soul

I know I’m not the only one

Who in a room of people

feels all alone

Nothing holds all of my soul

It’s why I chose

To be alone.


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