Locked and Loaded

It’s been hours and I’m locked 

just lying staring at the clock

the walls begin to close in again

all I want’s for everything to end

It doesn’t take me high anymore

Nothing makes me right anymore

One, two, three, more

Just like you; bored

Mix it all and I’ll not care

Live or die, it doesn’t matter

Feel better, be better

Real’s not always preferred.

Listen better, see better

The feeling sublime, undeferred 
I always say this is the last time

But it’s been a whole day and I feel like I’m dying

So I’ll bring back the burn

Just To bury the hurt

I never seem to learn

And I get what I deserve

I’ll be clean I claim at every day’s eve

But soon as I start suffocating 

I will take

I will be



to ease the pain


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