Is it worth the price

Was it worth the nights

Wasted chasing that which

Never alights?
Why get up off the Floor again
Fucks you over even more in the end

Don’t know if it can get any lower

Already hoping there are no more do-overs
There is no more nor less

When I’ve been on both sides of this fence
Always scars beneath your shirt
You only have to choose which one is better or worse

No solutions

Different Poisons 

That all hurt

In slightly different words
I know

Cuz I’ve been both

Young and old

Burning cold 
There’s no green grass 

only different sides 

of the same goddamn class

And never graduate

From this
I Know

cuz I’ve been both

The New and old 

Chemical and natural
I’ve tasted
With and without

Anything not grey

Love and hate

Or Sane for a day

Run away 

Or stay

Company of one

But mostly for none 
Oh but you Know

How it goes

To always be

Both too
I sure do.


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