I feigned a nonchalant composure, questioning as to what the knife was for- or more if I was really going Need to it. Sure, it was convenient to have my knife back again but I was primarily unsure as to why this man was even acting so cordial in the first place. It was almost as though he had been expecting me; Why was he giving me these things, or seemingly trying to help me find any direction in the ever changing landscape of a place I thought I knew. Why would he even care about a stranger? It was quite beyond me but I decided to maintain my skepticism but keep playing along- namely for that I didn’t know what else to do or where to go. However, It had indeed piqued my interest in that if the man was simply insane, how could he have shown me things that I had never spoken of? Of course he had implied that it really was these “magical” tree seeds, but I couldn’t help but laugh at what sounded so absurd to think about.My apprehension finally waned as the ice seemingly began to melt from my veins. Air met my lungs and the frigid grip in my chest loosened.

“So for whatever is out there – or for whatever reason you think I might need…Do you have anything more…useful? A gun? A sword? Hell, even a bow and arrow?” I smiled noncommittally, thinking upon all the cliche stories I had been told as a child.

“Hey, hey, before you go depreciating, know that I don’t have to do any of this. No charge after all, but take it before I change my mind…at least it’s double-edged right?”

“Why are you wasting your time with me anyways? Given, I’ve no particular reason for being here other than wandering upon the place after embarrassingly enough, managing to get lost. Are you trying to help me? I don’t even know what I’m trying or supposed to be doing. And if you are trying to “help” why? What’s in it for you?”

“wow,” he replied with a whistle. “Just a tad bit jaded there I see.”

“God, I’m sorry…” I shook my head and placed it down on the table. “My thoughts are all mixed up as always…” I was doing it again- being unintentionally awful to one of the few people who was actually taking the time of day to try to help or at least converse reciprocally. I guess that the years truly do have a way of accumulating inversely to the amount of courteous fucks given.
“Why.” he sat as if pondering for a few moments. “Foremost, ‘Wasting’ time is all very subjective- who are you to tell me what- or who- is a waste of time and what is not?  However, if you put it that way… I suppose I could say that I can be a selfish person and I want someone to make it for once, so that one day I can finally have that someone come back here and recount their story to me; all about their experiences, lessons, ventures and successes. I’ve grown quite weary and burdened of sad stories. Is that reason oh so shameful or acceptable to you? Some lucid-minded company is also rather welcomed… That and for some clearly unbeknownst reason, I actually kind of like you,” he added with a laugh.


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