21 Tears

I often speculated as to what would happen if I were to ever again find any of those people that had once been so meaningful to me. It all seemed so many more lifetimes ago than it was. They all became moments. I know by now that we all can cross paths with familiar souls in many a foreign place- but the same hauntingly resolute question always remained: If I ever did find, would I- or could I care?

“Are we going to get this show on the road,” the old man interjected as though he again were audience to my thoughts, “Or are you simply so deeply touched by the sentiment of someone not loathing you, that you’ll continue to make the silence unnecessarily awkward?”

It had only been a few moments, but I snapped back to attention and turned my focus to the two remaining seeds in front of me. The seeds were light and small, with translucent wings encircling each , appearing that it would travel a great distance on the Winds before alighting upon where it would finally settle. Between a pastel yellow and a bright green, I picked up the green seed.

“Try taking both together this time,” he suggested. “only by those which you think you’ve already experienced, can you guess which remain anyhow.” 

No stranger to mixing any number of incompatible drugs; I again reserved my inquiry and proceeded to take both.                                          A terribly bitter taste.

I glanced back over at the clock. The minute and hour hands unwavered from 3o’clock, but the second hand moved in time around its drearily plain face. I kept my eyes locked, counting the seconds until the vision began, in attempt to gain some sort of grasp of where it all started and its actual length of duration. 


The clock’s face was Blurring.


My vision went completely black and  I could no longer count.


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