I took a deep breath and again searched my fragmented consciousness for the things I would surely remember again. I’d never been able to forget before- even things I had wished to. Pausing for a few more seemingly prolonged moments, a vastly grey blankness very clearly manifested itself in my mind’s eye- as though if I were to look from the outside, all to be found was the infinite space of an echoing, dreary emptiness. If there was any light in this place, it was of the dim, desolate grayness in my mind. All I was left with to revisit was the knowledge that I was forgetting all that I was so sure had once been; a feeling of deja vu that I had forgotten this all before.

What was my name?

I could bring not a single face to my mind- not even my own. 

I again reached up to feel the features on my face, to gain some idea of who I may be.

In the panic of an eschewed Time and darkness, and the corporeal blackness touching my skin; I had evidently lost my ability to orient myself as to if I had found my face or not. I could not feel as I was accustomed to, as though all of my senses had relinquished into the darkness itself. All I felt was a hard, smooth surface- as though of a polished clay or stone- beneath my fumbling fingertips. 

I could not quell the growing horror as I reached about where I was sure was my face- but all I could feel was to discover the chips, cracks, and missing pieces of where I had been so sure we’re my ears, eyes, mouth; and mind. 
I could not scream, I could not speak.

It was not just silent- I was deaf.

It was not just dark- I was blind.

Nameless, faceless; not just lost-

but alone.


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