I held my last breath as my scalding lungs submitted to expiry. The rising tempest of dizziness gripped and swept away my withering resistance; I felt as though I was then floating up from the spot, losing awareness of the ground, and consciousness altogether.

The sound of a mighty rushing Wind filled my head. I could feel nothing around or beneath me but the Winds- a deafening, consuming roar whipping about me. The violent gust drew tears from my eyes, and I began to discern a distant, heavily blurred grey dancing about through the blackness. 

Audible voices filled the air, and met my realized ears. Countless voices-as though in heated discussion- intertwined throughout the roaring. The greyness continued to gain clarity until I made out abstract shapes and what appeared a distant illumination. Another voice broke through the hushed chatter, one of a surpassingly captivating tone; singing a kind of beautiful, but inherently sad song- though not a single word was discernible to me of any of the voices. 

The Wind began to quiet to a lower, though steadily present resonance.

My eyes were opened and I then found myself standing atop a mountain of moderate elevation, just touching the darkened clouds. 
The wind scraped violently through every crag and precipice, weaving through the rippling green grasses of brilliant viridescence. The clouds covered as a sheet of wool over the lands, crafted with both jagged and swirling artistry. The sun was a few moments from hiding beyond the horizon, it’s radiance refracting from the clouds before it. The entirety of the sky was decorated a firey array of fuchsia, scarlet, amethyst, sapphire, and a gold that painted its own reflection upon every blade of grass.


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