I remained still and silent beside the man to watch the remainder of the sunset that he would never see. The intrinsic sadness hung unsettled in the air, but death had ceased to any longer unsettle me. I sat waiting for the sun to hide itself away behind the skyline, but soon realized that it was now higher in the sky than it had been before, though around me it didn’t appear to be getting any lighter. I briefly contemplated if it was of any meaning, but concluded that perhaps now the sun simply rose in the west and set in the east- really nothing surprised me anymore. 

The sun continued its unexpected ascent into the sky, and within the half hour disappeared above the dark blanket of clouds concealing the firmament. Taking with it all light, It never did get any brighter; The clouds choked out the light from breaking through- but I knew the Sun was up there somewhere. 

I peered up at the ominously looming clouds, marveling at their sheer lack of permeability- and the four vultures now circling methodically over me. 


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