Never understood it

it really makes no sense

Never missed its passing

When it all happens of no consequence

It’s not sweet, nor bitter- only more tiresome for a weary soul

While some need, some deter- 

But we most all sing a similar, familiar dirge

I’ve tried them all before, but never saw the appeal

To strive on moving forward, never stopping to feel

Clearly, The day is cloudless

But heavy, the sky overcast

In the midst of grey bipolar weather

There are so many rooms, but so little care left

It’s perpetual, chemical

An elaborately structured defensive shell

But I still know that in the end 

My mind is my greatest hell

You need not try so hard to see past it

As I no longer really miss the sun

Or perhaps just don’t believe

But I’m not asking for help from anyone

So don’t feel sorry

But at least finally see

At least this one relevant thing

That the air is poison, I have gone wrong

And I am not the right one

Don’t waste your good intentions

Or time with me

For to you I can never give or be

Anything reciprocally.


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