2.2 Free Write

I understand if you want time away
But wouldn’t say you overstayed
Don’t know how deeply it can be true- and I may even do it too
But sometimes I tire of people always just passing through                                                          Out there Somewhere’s not around though                                                                                           A Long Time’s not just Once in a While or so
Not when I so very rarely even find Anything
there but it was- it is-
I actually really cared.

I try not to say anything I don’t mean                                                                                            Sometimes maybe even too carefully
I try not to waste words, much less to ever hurt                                                                                But maybe I should’ve told you before                                                                                                How much you meant to me even more
I mean not to beg or petition a made up mind                                                                                    But I put my two cents in for some peace of mine                                                                                 I didn’t really want you to make your decision to leave                                                                 Even if it doesn’t always make sense to sound reasoning                                                                Even if we do and see things differently or agree to disagree

you give me no other options
But to scrawl in vain my scattered thoughts on it                                                                                   But I can be selfish and things are never what they seem
Surrounded by faces in this lonely sea                                                                                                    No, it’s never what it seems.
And I don’t know if you really see
How lonely the crowd can be
For so many reasons
I don’t know if you really know
How you helped me to feel a little bit less so

Even when I still always will come and go                                                                                                 I really do feel like a stone
Stubborn, heavy, and unknown
Choking back secrets no one else knows
Surrounded but alone
Bound by the reasons I don’t even know

I’ve long been a listener
And some do for me too
But who hears my reflections
for whom I actually sense some kind of connection?
Or perhaps it’s just projected
When I don’t know what’s real                                                                                                               when it’s all so wrapped up in subjective feelings
But I don’t give up as often as get held up a lot here and there
But If it’s that I’m a downer, I can handle hearing it I swear

You say it’s better this way, and though I don’t know the future
I have to say that it’s not doing me any favors

But I still always wonder all of these things                                                                                        Like do you know I’ll still miss and care anyways?                                                                                                                                                          Even if I can’t explain it
Maybe I’m not always cold
When I can feel, as soon as I manage to take a hold
Of my next breath of air
It’s still always there

So though I hope it’s just another time                                                                                                    Do what you need and if this is goodbye, I’ll be Fine again as always
But needed to say
What I’ve said today
Even though you tried to run away

And though you’ll still be in my heart and in my head                                                                         I hope that in some way we will meet again.

~ The Calling Crow


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