6.19 free write

I once was a daughter

of many things

I once was a lover

In many ways

I once was a fighter 

For many a cause

I once was a writer

To try and hold on

I once sang a song

Now lost from my tongue

I once could imagine not

What it was like to look back

And wish I had never gotten so far

They all “understand” to save me from arrogance 

But none in the heart  

I once could take part

And speak in their tongues well fed

Of love, lust, and ignorance

Am I supposed to need? 

It’s a debt I will never meet

I once was a member of the waking world racing ahead

Now I whisper in hushed whispers, speaking from the dead

Read me all the rules again

Are there really no solutions

Though I’ve been here a thousand tormented nights

I’ll trade my skin in to make it the last time

I now am a beggar

I now am a fool

Trading in legacy

For a depraved soul.


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