7.7 free write

Can’t you see

 I’m not a part of the world

No matter how hard I ever tried to be

They all speak in a tongue

So foreign to me

I don’t use words that way

I can’t explain

What’s all the fight for anyway

Hope keeps us breathing for another day

So suffocating is a much slower way

For hands that hang dead

And God’s looking on 

At the other 98 percent

It wasn’t worth It 

When I never could have turned this

My pieces just don’t fit 

And I don’t believe they’ll ever matter again

I never could have even imagined this

Poor decisions formed my own prison

But I don’t think that I could have

Done it any different

I’ll never know if I walked fate, punishment, or somewhere in between

But if any fate really even knew me 

I’ll never be sure why God wasted His time

Maybe I believe

Some were not made to be

So do I know inside

That some of us were made to die

Can’t you see 

It’s all a futile artistry. 


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