7.8 free write

I am nowhere

And all I can feel is the fear

I can’t reach anything

That’s worth hearing

The pieces I lay out upon the floor

That I can’t arrange together anymore
The fire’s out that hastened me forward

What can ignite a flame that’s too far been ignored

Pain is my teacher

But I’ve lost the objective I was working for
I am beside none

When I can become so numb

That I can’t reach you or anyone

Hell is too close

When you lose sight of hope

Carving straight through brittle marrow of bone
Turn away your face

I’ll make the same mistakes

For there is a torture that is known by some

They know who they are- and that it cannot be won

It’ll drive you to eat your own flesh

destroy yourself inside- or anything that’s left

For an illusion you can’t unsee

A delusion that’s become a part of me
Weary of the lesson

I admit I’d rather seek death

Than wake up to fight to do the right thing again

When there’s no reason left of any benefit
No choice remains though 

We all are made to walk 

What we fear most

And some will choose to do it all alone 

So as to not have to fail to explain to anyone. 


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