7.27 Free Write

Thousands of pages and they don’t say a thing

Just documented ages that never end in anything

All having gotten so far away from everything

That it doesn’t matter anymore what tomorrow brings

I’d throw it all away

Just to never have to wake and face another day

For so terribly much Nothing 

This is a war with no victor

No matter what I do

I’m the only one who’ll lose

A hundred pills and a steel self-will

You can try to tear apart every part before you kill

But in the end, I know I never will

We’re all working through our hells up this useless hill

Getting steeper still with every season

And I’m getting weaker because there’s no reason

To keep breathing just to suffer

Keep needing for another

Day that 

I throw it all away anyway

Just to make it through another day

I sacrifice all my flesh and vein

But I’d cut them all away

Just to get out of another day

I guess this is the way that I disappear

To get out of a play that I can’t see clear

But I don’t care 

For every bone I break

I may make it another inch

But stop and take a breath for just a fucking minute

And you lose all of it

So I would quit

Cuz I’m about to snap

Do something stupid that I can’t take back

But I can’t step back

Because Im trapped

There are no new words, only different faces

Only misheard in all the same old places

So I throw it all away just to make another day

Feeling alone cuz I can never seem break away or through

From the deepest part of me

The only thing that really seems true. 


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