P.18 the Last Letters

     I woke again to the bright lights of a hospital room. I was propped up with a few pillows behind me, so opening my eyes I saw my dad sitting in the chair to the left of the bed, slouched down a bit, looking at his phone. 

“Playing Sudoku?”  I thought I said, but he did not as much as look up. 

I knew he was actually dealing with work; he was head of one of the largest companies in LA, so he never got an hour off from business emails. We hadn’t had much to say to eachother in many years- my “illness” as I hated him calling it, had long put a frustrating chasm between me and any other humans- he never understood me or any of it; but I was still thankful beyond expression that his financial success had allowed him to choose to still support me, especially with me having been unable to work essentially since the turn of adulthood.

    I surmised I still couldn’t speak, so I just watched for a bit, glad it was him and not mom at the time. 

  He eventually looked up,
“Well good morning sunshine. You know, I think I actually like you when you’re asleep,” he teased. 

“You must be quicker than everyone else then.”

“Now we just gotta find you a boyfriend who at least feels the same.”

“You don’t make that much money.”   So that wasn’t in my head- I’d never been so relieved to hear the sound of my own voice. “You drove all the way out here? How did you even hear?”

“You signed us as your emergency contracts, remember? As well as Sherice, who is running around here somewhere. Don’t know where your mother is…”

Oh yeah, basically just a *return to if lost* address. 

     “Alex, does he know I didn’t mean to ditch him?”

“Alex? I didn’t know you guys even talked. Last I heard he was hanging out with your brother. Why?”

“Nothing.” I guess he just left. Oh well, I tried. “What does the doctor say?” 

“I don’t know. We’ve been here three hours and I haven’t seen anyone come through here yet.”

“What hospital is this?” I silently prayed he wouldn’t say Alhambra.
He paused for a minute. He looked extremely tired, it was probably almost when he would usually be getting up.                         

  “Huntington? Yeah. It’s a pretty impressive place huh?” 

       I breathed a genuine sigh of relief. Anywhere would have been a much welcomed upgrade. So I was out, I just didn’t know if I would be sent back or not. The moment I thought it, I was reminded of the book in which I had bled out my most simple request the night before. I guess even if it had its clause, I was out- at least for the moment, I’d learned to never get my hopes up.  I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I had written other things in that book. Or if I did- although the book was lost somewhere in BHC- if that thing would have come to pass as well; but what ill would befall me in return? It was likely just a coincidence, or God throwing me a frikkin’ bone, shards and all.


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