10.22 free write

How can we feel so much but not find the words to say, how do you live without tomorrow when you’ve never been so afraid

All in a free fall, never knowing if there’s anywhere to land, and at the end of it all, to only understand

A place where it can make sense, if only for a day, for even the hand of providence can’t spare us from dismay

Time creates a longing for what can never last, deepening it’s hold each day, knowing nothing ever can

Do you wonder where you belong, all while you see that the fairy tales are all wrong, and only our pain tells us each that we live on

I want to take what I cannot, can we find a way to live without the clock- I tried to make it stop, sometimes the right is still wrong

Look who’s nearly a stranger in the eyes, tell me can you see the ways that they cry, without a single telltale sign, and wondering can they see mine

All the secrets we only weep, what do you really feel in the silence that you keep, maybe we are never truly free, perhaps all life is is a bittersweet memory

All that’s left to seek for, now, is something to make it all worth it somehow.

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